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The projects illustrate (in full color) how to rework existing designs in CSS, from the simple to the sublime. As you're reading the book, you get the feeling Meyer isn't fighting the medium, he's working with it in almost a Zen-like way. Tables can stay and be styled or go, it doesn't seem to matter to him... Meyer's prose is also easy to take, peppered with pithy quotes and humorous headlines. The net effect feels like you are looking over his shoulder, watching and listening to him redesign web sites that will be "forward compatible" and made to last. Meyer makes learning CSS seem easy... Highly recommended.
Andy King
Book Review for
Each story (chapter) is a project that any of us might face, and Meyer shows us how easy and rewarding it is to replace our old HTML workarounds with the elegance of Cascading Style Sheets... The appearance of a book such as this signals the maturation of CSS as a web design tool, not just for the codeheads, but for anyone who is capable of working with HTML. Meyer's elegant and straightforward writing makes the elegance of a CSS solution apparent and attractive... this is definitely a book I'll be returning to again and again.
James McNally
Book review for Digital Web
This book is the next best thing to having your own personal Eric Meyer on call 24-7... This book is filled with code, but it's really filled with ideas. Practical ideas that solve problems we all face as working Web designers. Unique ideas that inspire one's own creativity. You can prop this book open and use it as a crib sheet when you're facing tough deadlines, or you can read it on a sunny, secluded hillside and extrapolate its concepts into artistic ideas of your own. I plan to do both.
Jeffrey Zeldman
Author of Taking Your Talent to the Web
Editor in Chief, A List Apart
I can unabashedly say it's the best.
Molly Holzschlag
Eric Meyer is perhaps the most knowledgeable expert on CSS. His understanding of the technology has pushed the boundaries for how we use CSS on the web and beyond. Through carefully planned projects, this book brings those ideas and solutions to the forefront so you can take advantage of them.
Nick Finck
Editor in Chief, Digital Web Magazine
CSS is a powerful, elegant instrument with far more possibilities than most of us realize. That's why Eric Meyer on CSS is so valuable: it provides a well-balanced combination of hands-on instruction and explanatory theory. Using step-by-step projects Eric guides readers through everyday applications and demonstrates what we can achieve by harnessing the power of CSS. When you finish a chapter you can confidently say, "Hey, I can do this!"
President, Orion HiTek, Inc.
In his typical practical style, Eric Meyer successfully leads the reader through numerous real-world styling exercises that illustrate not only the judicious use of CSS for pleasing effect, but also how to avoid common implementation pitfalls.
Tantek Çelik