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Creating an Online Greeting Card

Project 8

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If you won or are planning to buy this book, it stands to reason that you probably spend a good deal of time online. It further stands to reason that you probably know a number of people‹friends, colleagues, clients, and so on‹who are also online. So, in the true digital spirit, why not send them a handcrafted online holiday greeting card? It can be a very merry electric Christmas (or other end-of-year holiday of your choice) for everyone!

In Project 8, the focus is on basic positioning and working with text that overlaps graphics. The project, which involves a single image and very small amount of text contained in no more than a galf-dozen elements, stresses the flexibility of simple positioning over complicated pixel-perfect effects, thus providing a gentle introduction to the basic principles involved in positioning elements.


Page 169

The last line of the last code block on the page should read:

div#sentiment {position: absolute; top: 0; right: 0; text-align: right;}

In print, the right is incorrectly given as left. The error appears only in this code block, and subsequent code blocks have the correct property name.

Page 171

In the middle of the first paragraph, the sentence "These two properties (along with bottom and right) define offsets from the edges of the containing block." should read "These two properties (along with bottom and left) define offsets from the edges of the containing block."

Page 177

In the div#signature rule, the declaration padding: 10px; should be padding: 0.25em;.